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Professional Services

We provide a huge selection of different cleaning and restoration services for any type of marble or stone surface. Grout Cleaning Masters, Inc. uses the best technology and equipment available. In many cases, we can repair damage that you may have thought too severe to ever be corrected. Each repair starts with an extensive assessment by our professional craftsmen. They will determine which specific techniques will be most effective in your situation, we provide polishing, honing, cleaning, sealing and restoration services to fully revive the original beauty of your natural stone.

Whether you are a BUSINESS or HOME OWNER, protect your natural stone investment with the expert professionals trusted.

Our Services Include

  • Polishing Cleaning and protective sealing new stone.
  • Marble, granite, agate and limestone restoration, Polishing, Chip & Crack Repair and Sealing .
  • Removing scratches and stains.
  • Stripping old waxes and chemicals.
  • Steam disinfecting stone, tile and concrete.
  • Slate, sandstone and fieldstone restoration.
  • Bathroom restoration.
  • Saltillo & Terra Cotta/Mexican tile restoration.
  • Terrazzo restoration, Chip and Crack Repair, Cleaning, Polishing and Sealing
  • Grout Repairs, Grout Replacement, Cleaning and Sealing.
  • Removing exterior moss, mildew and bird droppings.
  • Slip-resistance and sealers for porous stone.
  • Concrete restoration and finish application.
  • Grinding and honing stone. Lippage removal.
  • Stone conservation and carving.
  • Seashell, pebble and mosaics restoration.
  • Stone testing and certification.
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance

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